About Us

Buy4Israel (Formerly Backs4Brothers) has one simple mission: Enable ANYONE to purchase essential equipment that gets delivered directly into the hands of Israeli soldiers. These are not money donations. These are actual purchases of top quality gear. This merchandise is the most requested and requires no government approvals to leave the United States and get to the Israeli front lines.

Borne from the needs relayed from our brothers in the field, we have established distribution through organizations with direct contact and access to the front lines.

THIS IS NOT A FOR-PROFIT ENTERPRISE. Any price of these products that is above what you could find online is due to the credit card fees and minimal distribution cost. MOST OF THE COST TO SHIP TO ISRAEL IS FROM DONATIONS.

This endeavor builds on the tireless work of many people, both in the field and those helping to source the most necessary supplies. For any questions, help, or suggestions, please contact us at info@Backs4Brothers.org. Because of security concerns, we are not publishing our names. But call 1-(844)-Bro-Back (276-2225) and we'll answer.